Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Walls that tell a story

Sid Dickens, an artist from Vancouver BC, has been creating memories on plaques for over twenty years.  Each Spring and Fall Sid releases new collections along with Limited Edition and Holiday collections. We endeavor to stock all active memory blocks and offer them for sale on our store. If your see something you like, click on the image and it take you to the Sid Dickens section of the store. There you can browse the different collections by release.

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The Oceanic Collection


The Sid Dickens Oceanic Collection breezes into summer, bringing the freshness of salty sea air, along with the comforting nostalgia and hope for the future that comes with it.

Water as blue as sapphire is home to the most delightful, wise, and beautiful creatures. Here, playful and regal patterns intertwine and dance like schools of fish. Rich details permeate the characters in their respective settings, showcasing love, patience, and balance with the natural world. The undersea sage provides Ancient Wisdom in the form of patience and stillness despite the tumultuous ocean of life. The Seahorse strides through the valleys of the sea floor, making the world beneath the waves his ballroom. The White Tulip reminds us to forgive our transgressions, and those of others, while blooming into a new beginning during this time in the world. The Mermaid sings to us and her voice fills our hearts with the light of the very stars themselves.

The Oceanic Collection is Sid's invitation to explore the serenity, magic, and mystery found in the depths of our world's precious ecosystems. 

Preorder available with first ship dates scheduled for mid-June.


 T511  Ancient Wisdom

In the churning ocean of life,
Stability and patience
Holds the world in balance. 


T512  Seahorse

 The world is my ballroom,
 This reef is my home,
 Nurture it, for it is also yours.


 T513  White Tulip

Pure love distilled in petals,
Manifesting beauty and forgiveness. 


 T514  Mermaid

Come near,
Hear my song.
Fill your heart
With the light of stars. 


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