Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Walls that tell a story

Sid Dickens, an artist from Vancouver BC, has been creating memories on plaques for over twenty years.  Each Spring and Fall Sid releases new collections along with Limited Edition and Holiday collections. We endeavor to stock all active memory blocks and offer them for sale on our store. If your see something you like, click on the image and it take you to the Sid Dickens section of the store. There you can browse the different collections by release.

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2020 Spring Daydream Collection

T500 May Bells
The sweet fragrance is pure and elegant,
Simple and unadorned.

T500 May Bells

The sweet fragrance is pure and elegant,

Simple and unadorned.

Sid Dickens T501 Hellebores

T501 Hellebores

Arising from the white snowscape,

Rarest beauty,

Strong and undaunted.

Sid Dickens T502 Endless Gift

T502 Endless Gift

Revealing an eternity in a moment's glance,

Sweet radiance of passion and devotion.

Sid Dickens T503 Dragonfly

T503 Dragonfly

You are my guide to the mystery;

My whisperer of wonders between reality and reverie.

Sid Dickens T504 Royal Fleur

T504 Royal Fleur

Nature and architecture unite,

A trinity of virtue born from a flower.

Sid Dickens T505 Sweet Beauty

T505 Sweet Beauty

Share your carefree song,

Infuse every soul with your joyful serenade.

Sid Dickens T506 Sir Frog

T506 Sir Frog

Bowlegged bachelor is eager to please,

Bouquet in hand,

He awaits his true love's kiss.

Sid Dickens  T507 Flutter

T507 Flutter

Unfurl you graceful painted wings,

Begin an exquisite journey to freedom.

Sid Dickens T508 Believe

T508 Believe

Hold dear, the dreams and wonders;

The power to make them true lies within you.


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